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针灸 Acupuncture


Acupuncture is a fast, convenient tube, safe, no side effects of Chinese medicine specialized medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion combined cents through adaptation stimulation and physical effects of certain points in order to regulate blood, balancing yin and yang, accessible business health, dredge the meridians, to righting law evil, disease, physical health purposes.

中医专业 Specialists

Specialist skin care
Herbal remedies to correct internal imbalances.

疼痛科 Pain management Therapy for treating sports injury and neuralgia.

转骨長高 Small in stature during teenage years Promote height growth in teenagers.

中医美容 Chinese Medicine Beauty


TCM beauty stems from the five internal organs conditioning. Oral, topical, prevention and treatment of diseases, loss of beauty. Acupuncture weight loss / fat body, Chinese medicine beauty mask, melasma, acne, wrinkle whitening.

梳理经络 Shu Li Jing Luo



Shu Li Jing Luo (Meridian Manipulation) is a natural healing therapy using special massage and drainage manipulation techniques on the meridians, ligament/tendon and muscle network of the body. This removes congestion or stagnation in the meridians and acupoints and also promotes and normalise the qi and blood circulation in the surface and deep connective tissues and organs. The treatment applies special techniques of press-stroking and strumming on the body's tendons and muscles. A specially designed tool and blended herbal oils are used in this treatment. You will experience release of tension, stiffness or pain and improved mobility after the treatment.

本所专长 Specialties

压力舒缓, 疼痛舒缓, 中医美容, 瘦身护理, 中风后遗症, 养生护理, 肠胃护理, 女性护理, 男性护理.

Stress, Pain Management, TCM Cosmetology, Weight Loss, Stroke Rehabilitation, Wellness, Digestive, Women's Health, Men's Health.