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梳理经络 Shu Li Jing Luo

Shu Li Jing Luo (Meridian Manipulation) is a natural healing therapy using special massage and drainage manipulation techniques on the meridians, ligament/tendon and muscle network of the body.

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薰脐疗法 Novel Therapy

Novel Therapy (Herbal Body Smoking) is a therapeutic method by applying special herbal hot compress over on the stomach area to produce warm and hot stimulation.

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About Us

内科, 外科, 妇科, 儿科, 皮肤科, 男科.

采用针灸, 耳针, 腹针, 头皮针, 棍针, TDP神灯, 配合各种治疗仪, 及中医把脉综合疗法专治中风后遗症, 慢性肾炎, 糖尿病, 高血压, 不孕症, 风湿病, 神经内科病, 眼科病, 痔疮及各种奇难杂症.

HSE ACUPUNCTURE & TCM CENTRE is a traditional Chinese Medicine one-stop centre that provides in-house consultation, herbal prescription, acupuncture and therapeutic health- care treatments for good inner health.

We have an excellent pharmacy of Chinese herbs:
- With a variety of health care formulas ,which can be taken on a regular basis to maintain good health.
- To balance body functions, improve the immune system and help to develop more energy.



本地报章和健康杂志撰写保健专栏。马来西亚国营电视台TV2,NT7 及TV8养生保健特辑专访。在海内外参与义诊,为贫弱群体治病。

方医师中医诊所位与Kota Damansara,在资深方医师的带领下,拥有一个三位医师团队为大众服务了超过15年。 ​


她攥写了两本与养生保健有关的书:棍针与药膳养生妙方;保健茶方。 ​

马来西亚国营电视台TV2,NTV7 及TV8也多次为方医师做养生保健特辑专访。她非常踊跃的在海内外参与义诊,为贫弱群体治病。 ​


Hing Siew Eng

Founder & Chief Chinese Physician,
Master Degree of TCM, HeiLongJiang University of Chinese Medicine, China.

HSE Acupuncture & TCM in Kota Damansara, under the leadership of experienced Acupuncturist & Chinese Physician Ms. Hing, has a team of three Acupuncturists/Chinese Physicians, and has been serving the general public for more than 15 years.

Ms. Hing earned Bachelor's and Master's degree in Chinese Medicine from HeiLongJiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Ms. Hing is a guest columnist with local newspapers and health magazines.

Ms. Hing is an author of two wellness related books.

TV2, NTV7 and TV8 of Malaysia routinely conduct interviews about Wellness and Healthcare with Ms. Hing. She is very active in voluntary clinics both at home and abroad. ​

She is previously serving as Sin Chew Jit Pao's Medical Literacy Edition Special Medical Consultant, while also a sought after speaker in Wellness and Healthcare through TCM.